Our Services


There are many ways to achieve improvements through data science and machine learning, be it in your processes, products or production. We will work with you to select a suitable solution for your use case or create a concept for the development of a tailor-made solution.

We plan the joint project and present the expected benefits, the data requirements, as well as the time and cost frame. Through an agile approach during the project, we ensure that the solution we develop fits both technically and to your business processes.


We implement the complete spectrum of data science projects: from data engineering, ETL, to machine learning models. Often we can adapt our existing solutions to your problem or further develop them as required.

If necessary, we develop custom algorithms and machine learning models. We use methods ranging from classical machine learning methods to deep learning. The consistent use of open source technologies ensures that your data scientists can easily adopt both the results and methodology of the project.


We work with you to integrate the developed solution into your existing processes or products. Depending on your requirements, we develop a modern web-based front end or integrate the solution through API-based services.

You can choose to host the developed solution yourself (on-premise). Alternatively, we operate the solution in our cloud and provide you with API-based access without you having to worry about operations.